Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bugging The Wimmin's Room

Labrat links to the most amazing essay and discussion about why feminists loathe Sarah Palin. Over four hundred comments. You won't be disappointed. As a man, this sort of bare-knuckles brawl rarely reaches my radar screen.

Preach, Sistah!

OK, OK, here's a little appetizer. Commenter "pm317":

I too am childless by choice and went after a career. The grand prize I went after (my tenure) was denied mostly because of the shenanigans of a few (bad) women who thought my success would diminish theirs, what with their A-list school credentials.

Same thing with Palin. Imagine a hillbilly like her (which is what they think of her) running away with the grand prize. They conveniently forget how they shot themselves in the foot last election. Or may be that adds to their resentment.

Edit: wait, wait, wait! I've gotta put this in. Referring to a feminist website called Jezebel, commenter "Sonia" says:
“murk that c—” means “fuck that bitch” in gangster slang. she’s saying she wants to punish Palin with her…hm. cock? which is clearly a feminist statement. Jezebel is wack, yo.
God only knows what kind of ads Google is going to link to me tomorrow morning. I apologize in advance.

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