Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thomas Jefferson 'Down Under'

Via David Codrea comes word of this interesting group Libertarianz. They're New Zealand libertarians. Seems like an ideal place for it, actually. They've got a website, and look who's quoted on the front page:

Yes, it's our own, our very own Thomas Jefferson.

Now, author Robert Heinlein didn't think much of New Zealand. He visited the place in the 1950's.

You know, the word "loathe" is tossed around rather casually these days, but here I think it would be accurate to say that Heinlein absolutely loathed New Zealand; despised it; couldn't wait to leave. Heinlein advised others to stay away, as far away as possible, lest the evil Kiwis devise some sort of tractor-beam and pull in loose travelers.

Heinlein et ux were so desperate to leave New Zealand that, rather than wait for the next steamer, and despite her pathological fear of flying, they actually took an airplane out of there.

New Zealand does seem to have improved substantially since then.

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