Friday, July 10, 2009

Concealed Carry Traffic Stop In Virginia

From the bulletin of the Virginia Citizens' Defense League comes this first-person account:
I just wanted to report a pleasant encounter I had with a Fairfax County PD officer who stopped me a couple weeks ago (for a burned out headlamp). Even though I know we CHP holders aren't required to notify, I choose to do so, as I have a number of friends who are cops, and from their testimonial -- and my own personal experience -- the more "at ease" an officer feels, the less likely I am to get a ticket!

As the officer approached my window, I handed him my license and CHP, and informed him I was armed. His immediate response was a casual: "Oh, that's fine." He handed the CHP right back to me, asked for my registration, and went back to his vehicle to run my info. After returning (and giving me a verbal warning about the burned-out light), he and I had a pleasant chat about his experiences with CHP holders, how his system reports that we have them, and the upcoming gun show in Chantilly.

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