Friday, July 17, 2009

Jungle Jim's Spice Rack

You may have heard about the amazing inventory of hot sauces carried by this unusual food store in Fairfield, OH. I estimate that they have 40-60 lineal feet of shelf space dedicated to quirky, off-brand hot sauces. But if you know where to look, up top behind the smoked glass cover, you will find the "adults-only" hot sauces, with names and labels that are best left to the imagination.
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Old NFO said...

I'd bet some of that "top" shelf stuff is nuclear!!! :-)

D.W. said...

Jungle Jim's is quite possibly the coolest grocery store I've ever been in; if anyone reading this hasn't been there, they owe it to themselves to make the trip.

BTW, I'd bet they keep a fire extinguisher handy near the hot sauces; some of those would likely cause people to spontaneously combust!