Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fake-Memo Thread

Don't you dare miss the comments section over at Sharp As A Marble about Robb's posting of a transparently obvious forgery of another transparently obvious forgery.

"The memo mentions an HMO. There were no HMOs in 1962! Gotcha!"

"Hawaii's first HMO was started in 1956 in Honolulu. Gotcha!"

"Doctor Hodges wasn't even on duty that night. Gotcha!"

"There was no 'Dr. Hodges' assigned to that hospital in 1962. Gotcha!"

"That memo's a fake! If it was really from Hawaii, it would be written in Hawaiian. Gotcha!"

"There's a ring left by a coffee cup on the memo and the lab says it's Hawaiian Kona coffee! Gotcha!"

"You 'birthers' are all gonna die, and all of your inbred children, too!"

"The memo was typewritten and it was faxed. That's double proof!"


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