Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A City Of Two Tales

Yesterday, professional athlete Plaxico Burress was indicted on three charges, including weapons possession and reckless endangerment, stemming from a negligent discharge of his handgun in a Manhattan night club.

Saturday night, an off-duty NYPD officer, Trevor Harpaul, showed up drunk at a bar in Queens. The bouncer refused to admit him. Harpaul went back to his car and returned with an illegal (no serial number) handgun and threatened the bouncer. "You think you're big? I've got something for you," he said, according to a witness. Forcing him to his knees, Harpaul shouted, "Where's your mouth, now?" Two uniformed officers arrived at the scene and arrested Harpaul. In his car they found marijuana. Harpaul is charged with marijuana possession, weapons possession, menacing and reckless endangerment.

Three guesses as to who walks.

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Old NFO said...

No bet... the cop will walk, Burris will go down...