Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"One-Gun-A-Month" Laws Impede Police

Interesting comment from a former supervisor of the BATF gun tracing center, passage of "one-gun-a-month" laws actually weakens law enforcement's ability to spot illegal gun trafficking. From a guest commentary by Scott Bach of the ANJRPC:

According to a former chief of the ATF National Tracing Center, who testified against S1774 before a state Senate committee last year, ending the reporting of multiple sales “eliminates an important law enforcement tool in the detection and interdiction of possible illegal gun trafficking, and also makes it easier for illegal traffickers to evade detection, since authorities are no longer alerted to the occurrence of multiple sales.”

Well, damn! I had never thought about that: BATF would much rather have reports of multiple handgun sales, rather than eliminating them by law. Criminals just adapt to the new conditions, and have their mules buy one gun instead of two. And now law enforcement has no clue who these people might be!

Only in gun-phobic New Jersey! Can you say "iatrogenic"?

h/t Say Uncle.

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