Monday, August 17, 2009

"Tennessee Carry-Permit Law 99.9994% Effective"

The Tennessean newspaper has a story on the effectiveness of the screening process for issuing handgun carry permits in Tennessee.

The newspaper provided a list of names to the Tennessee Department of Safety, of licensees who appeared to be disqualified. In twelve of those cases the department agreed, and revoked or suspended the permits.

Twelve out of a total of more than 237,000 permits issued.

But what was the newspaper's headline?

"Tennessee Law Lets Thugs Pack Heat"

A commenter pointed out that a more accurate headline would be:

"Tennessee Carry-Permit Law 99.9994% Effective"

h/t Say Uncle.


Old NFO said...

Sigh... They ARE out to get us...

Joanna said...

If it bleeds, it leads ... and if it isn't bleeding now, it will be by the time they get through with t

Joanna said...


Anonymous said...

It's easier to understand once you realize that there is no more common sense left in the world. Yeah, bad guys were following the law before this got passed? Bad guys can get CCW permits? Their logic is lost on me.