Thursday, August 20, 2009

Plaxico Burress Gets Two Years

Pleads guilty rather than face the possibility of 3-1/2 year sentence.

That seems to be the modus-operandi of the NYC prosecutors: maneuver the defendant into a plea-bargain where a guilty plea is irresistibly attractive. If you plead guilty, you can't appeal! And the last thing they want is an appeal to reach SCOTUS.

Yahoo Sports News/Associated Press.

Meanwhile, no word on the NYPD cop who showed up at a nightclub drunk, threatened the bouncer with an illegal gun (serial number defaced) and had marijuana in his car. What was that cop's name again? Oh, yeah! Trevor Harpaul.

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zflynn said...

Can you say "Police State"? At the rate it's going it's only going to get worse.