Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More On Open Carry

MSNBC has a web-only article on the open-carry movement, and it's surprisingly balanced! It begins with the rather spectacular shoot-out in Richmond, VA between an armed robber and customer open-carrying a replica Remington 1875 Army in .45 Long Colt. When was the last time somebody was killed by a .45 Long Colt? I blogged about it here.

h/t VCDL email.

Oh, and Edward Kennedy died.


Crucis said...

You were going good until that last sentence. I guess it's time we threw out the trash.

Missouri state law doesn't prohibit OC. But, there is a hodgepodge of local and county ordinances across the state that do. Liberals have, in the years since CCW was passed, urged municipalities to pass laws prohibiting OC. Perhaps in the coming state legislative sessions, that can be corrected.

James E. Griffin said...

While my normal carry guns is a 1911, a while back I picked up a S&W 625 mountain gun in .45 Long Colt. Very nice shooting gun.

Surprised myself when I carried it concealed a couple of times. Speed strips in a suit pocket - yes, I practiced with them - are quite compact, and the size of the cartridge makes handling easy.

Buffalo Bore loads a 200 grain Gold Dot to 1100 fps. They say it's a standard pressure loading, suitable for any .45 Colt revolver or rifle in normal working condition.

Turk Turon said...

In Virginia, no license is needed to open carry. In Indiana, your "carry permit" allows either open or concealed carry. These are better laws than in Florida or Texas, where unintentionally "flashing" a concealed handgun can get you arrested even if you have a valid concealed carry license.

The man in Richmond fired at the perp, then dove for the floor as the perp returned fire. He may have slammed the trigger guard against the floor at that point, because the trigger was broken. But he continued to engage the perp by "fanning" the hammer, and managed to hit him three times!