Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chicago Gun Case

Second Amendment lawyers Halbrook and Gura have their heads handed to them by the Justices.

Halbrook doesn't get two sentences out before he's interrupted. Gura doesn't even get his first sentence out.

The justices continually interrupt the lawyers and prevent them from completing their arguments.

The question before the court was a limited one: is the Second Amendment incorporated against the States by the Due Process clause of the 14th Amendment? The judges told Halbrook and Gura that the Supreme Court had already settled the matter and that only the Supreme Court could change it. Halbrook and Gura tried to respond that there was no Supreme Court precedent for incorporation by Due Process, but the judges interrupted them and told them it didn't matter.

The attorney for the City, Ms. Solomon (Sullivan?) continues at length without interruption, except for praise from the judges.

Grrrrr... It is infuriating to listen to this.

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