Wednesday, May 6, 2009

College Student Slays Home Invader

Pretty amazing story: ten college students are having a birthday party. Two masked men, armed with handguns, burst in and announce a holdup. The perps herd the men and women into separate rooms; they count heads; one says to the other, "You got enough bullets?" and the answer is, "Yeah, I got enough." At that point one of the male students pulls a handgun from his backpack and opens fire on the perp guarding the men; that perp runs. The student proceeds to the other room and exchanges shots with Perp No. 2, who also runs. Perp No. 2 is later found dead outside his home, which is next door (!). Police say they are close to an arrest for Perp No. 1.

This story is all over the Gunblogosphere, but here is the MSM coverage.

[Edited to clarify which perp was found dead.]

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