Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gun Seizure In China

The caption reads, "Earlier this year, police checked illegally owned guns in China's Henan province."

This stuff looks like it was left over from the Boxer Rebellion! Oh, wait, that's racist.

This stuff looks like it was left over from The Righteous Harmony Society Movement! That's better!

What's probably going on here is that the senior cops are keeping the modern arms and re-selling them, either personally or through intermediaries, and destroying only the very oldest guns and ammo.

Entrepreneurial law-enforcement.


Tam said...

Whatcha got there is your basic Chiang Kai Shek Chinese Mauser, a locally made knockoff of the Mauser 98 Standard Modell short rifle. Made between '36 and '49. Got one in the attic. Mine's prettier, though...

Turk Turon said...


drjim said...

Interesting that they don't have name tags on their uniforms....only ID numbers.