Monday, May 4, 2009

Fiasco Motors

That's the best proposed name that I have heard yet for the upcoming merger between Fiat, UAW, Chrysler and the U.S. Treasury.
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drjim said...

Yeah, at one time I owned a "Fix It Again Tomorrow" and I was surprised at some of the weird things they did. Granted, it was an X1/9 and the packaging was innovative, but they used such JUNK for stuff like hose clamps that I was constantly replacing stuff until I had all the junk out of it.
Ran it for 135,000 miles, and the only things I had to replace were the battery, starter, water pump, and clutch.

Carteach0 said...

To think.... in this deal... FIAT is the strong player!

I have to wonder if the deal will stay put or fall through. It looks to me as if the current administration is setting up Fiat as a short term money cow, to be milked for the unions benefit.

I wonder how Fiat looks at it? They have to know... Obama and Congress cannot be trusted.