Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lock-Time II

Sebastian, over at Snowflakes In Hell, has an interview with a rep from Kel-Tec about their new RFB .308 Bullpup rifle. It has a lock-time of 4.5 milliseconds. An average AR-15, he says, has a lock-time of 9.5 ms., and modern bolt-action rifles have a lock-time of 3 ms.

Hatcher's Notebook gives the lock-time of the Springfield 1903 service rifle as 5.7 ms and as low as 4.9 ms. for the National Match version.

The Remington 3200 shotgun is said to have a lock-time of 3.2 ms., although I can't seem to find an authoritative source for this. But it seems widely accepted in the skeet-shooting fraternity.

I blogged about lock-time a couple of months ago here:

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Frank W. James said...

The Remington Model 788 rear-locking bolt-action was supposed to have had a reasonably fast lock-time, but I have no idea exactly what it was. Interesting, though. Thanks.

All The Best,
Frank W. James