Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Memorable Weekend

Tam has already blogged about the weekend in Indy most effectively, and there isn’t much to add except to agree with her. Emphatically.

Bowling pins get brittle when cold, and some of them literally exploded when hit. But pin shooting is the most fun you can have with your gloves on. Next time I’m bringing a video camera in case yet another footrace breaks out. Tam’s got the pin shoot covered here.

And here.

Roberta X’s coverage is here.

I had packed a 10mm pistol but three 9mm magazines, so I was well and truly hosed but for the kindness of friends, and I made do with a Glock 17. That did not prevent me from taking my limit of bowling pins, viz:

Brigid was stuck at work but through the magic of today’s advanced cell-phone technology, she managed to contribute this outstanding poster. That’s Roberta X on the left and Tam on the right, mano a mano.

At lunch, Tam, Roberta X and I all had the Dolsot Bibimbap, which is the perfect way to warm up after standing around for hours in sub-freezing cold. Ahhhh… Korean comfort food. And even an hour later, you can still warm your hands on the bowl.

Elmore’s gunstore was as amazing as Tam says, 1911s were packed cheek-by-jowl (muzzle to front strap) and if you can’t find something you like there, it hasn’t been made yet. Bradis had some nice Russian revolvers and I might have taken one home if I had remembered to bring my C&R license.

Brigid’s lasagna and mushroom turnovers were delicious. Check it out.

The next morning, while Tam and her buddy raked leaves, Roberta X and I walked over to Zest, a charming little restaurant of local ownership and high quality, of which Broad Ripple has a seemingly inexhaustible supply. They had an adventurous chef who made Eggs Benedict, not on English muffins, but on crab cakes! Yes!

Later that afternoon we motored to the blogmeet and made numerous new friends and caught up with Old Grouch, RobD, Shermlock Shomes et ux, and Red (again, et ux). Shermlock has pictures here. And Roberta X has a few comments, too. And Red has more pictures here, plus a couple of videos! Wow!

It was a rockin’ weekend and Tam says she’d do it again in a minute. So would I.


Crucis said...

Y'all make me jealous. Group shoot and food too!

Home on the Range said...

It was great, even if I had to work during the day.

The ranch always has a room for you. Come on back and visit us all soon.

word ver: "flaterin" - those words about the little meal I fixed up.

phlegmfatale said...

ookay - just the name of the turnovers made me slobber, and that IS a most excellent movie poster. I want an invite to the premiere! I hope when they cut me loose from this job, they'll give me a nice severance so I can come up the the Indy blogmeet.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Sounds like someone needs to market bowling pin heaters...