Friday, February 11, 2011

The Nation's Gun Show

I spent three hours at the Dulles gun show this afternoon. It was jammed. I was looking for (maybe) a Sauer 38H and (maybe) a Remington M32 shotgun.

I found three or four Sauers from $400 to $850. The latter had an original holster. But I just couldn't part with the money. There was an original LeMat revolver, some nice Webleys and Nagants, a couple of Astra "squirt-gun" pistols, LOTS of Garands, Lugers, Mausers, P-38s, Nambus and Hi-Powers.

I saw some Japanese military rifles complete with their "release" tags from U.S. Army Intelligence, assigning them to the GI who brought them in. Cool!

Lots of ammo, but not much 38-Super, only eight boxes at one big dealer.

Biggest crowds seemed to be around the new handgun dealers.

One of the C&R tables had some hilarious price tags. One, for a Walther PP, said "Thankfully, no swastikas!" and another, for a chrome-plated 1911, said, "But look how shiny it is!"

Saw several "Judge" pistols. Lots of parts-bin dealers for mil-surp pistols and rifles. Almost bought some GI 20-rd mags for my M1 Carbine.

There was a beautiful Sauer side by side boxlock shotgun with excellent case colors and un-bunged-up screws for under a grand; even had side clips.

My revised C&R with my new address has not arrived so I used that as an excuse for not buying anything. The real story is that my car will need some three-season tires next month.

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Old NFO said...

Makes me glad I'm not there to attend... sigh...