Monday, September 10, 2012

The Fragrance of Hoppes No. 9

I just finished my first disassemble/reassemble with this new Ruger 22/45 Lite. Bought it last weekend at Green Top Sporting Goods in Glen Allen, VA, just north of Richmond. Definitely worth a trip if you ever get within 100 miles of the place. They started selling guns in 1947 at their filling station (building still exists) and they have a framed bill of sale of a gun from 1947. They also have a framed copy of one of their first 4473s, from 1968 (or '69?).

Green Top is moving next month, just across the street to new quarters. This in spite of the fact that Bass Pro Shops opened one of their superstores just a couple of miles north. So congratulations Green Top!

I stopped in last week to get a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Compact, and while I was pressing my face against the glass I saw this little beauty. So, since the demise of Virginia's one-handgun-a-month law, multiple purchases are now perfectly legal.

Saturday I was at the local indoor range and put 100 rounds thru both new gats. I have three magazines for the M&P and five for the 22/45. When I have a few more rounds thru 'em I'll number the mags and start issuing demerits.

The Ruger .22 auto-pistols have a nasty reputation for being  difficult to break down and re-assemble.

It's true.

But there are lots of videos on the web to show us how. Ruger has one that is nicely done but rips along at a frantic pace. 

Here's disassembly:

1) check unloaded
2) insert empty mag
3) pull trigger to drop hammer
4) remove mag
5) open latch over mainspring housing
6) pull out mainspring housing
7) slide out bolt
8) remove receiver from frame (tap from plastic mallet)

And reassembly:

1) Insert receiver into frame
2) tap into position
3) insert bolt into receiver
4) insert empty magazine
5) safety off
6) pull trigger and use dowel to push hammer into fully-fired position
7) remove magazine
8) insert mainspring housing into frame and receiver
9) tilt muzzle up (extremely important!)
10) rotate mainspring housing into position - as it closes, slight spring resistance should be felt
11) snap mainspring housing latch closed
12) check for proper functioning

Notice that a third of these steps could be eliminated except for the magazine safety!

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Roberta X said...

That's a really nicce plinker! Congratulations.