Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Big Storm

I packed a suitcase Friday afternoon and got one of the last trains into town. Snow had been falling since before noon and 6" was on the ground at that point.

It snowed all night and all day Saturday.

On the left is our HQ and on the right is the Mayflower Hotel, where I spent Friday night. At the end of the street is the National Geographic building.

Lots of trees were bent to the ground like this.

You can't see the snow falling in many of these shots...

...unless the flash is turned on.

The ENG truck was covered.

This is K Street at Farragut Square.

The Godiva Chocolate store on Connecticut Avenue was closed! Now this is serious!

Late Saturday afternoon the snow was really piling up.

Very little traffic on Connecticut Ave. Saturday afternoon.

There's always one guy...

They put us up Saturday night at the Hotel Monaco.

Sunday morning at 3:00 AM. The snow had stopped falling.

It looked like everything was coated with whipped cream or meringue. Walking the four blocks to work was not difficult, but navigating was a challenge because the landscape had been changed by the snow; it was strictly "navigation by street signs" because all of the familiar little landmarks that we typically use to get around were covered with snow.


Roberta X said...

See? Even Nature wants Washington brought to a standstill! When will they learn? ;)

Turk Turon said...

If you've always had a hankerin' to transport a "short lobster" across state lines, in violation of federal regulations, now's the time! 'Cause Uncle Sugar is closed tomorrow.

Crucis said...

There's more heading your way. It started snowing again last night in KC. We picked up around 5" overnight and it's still coming down. I'd guess we're getting 8-10" but the wind is drifting it making estimates a bit difficult. Friday's snow was big, wet, fluffy and slushy. Today is more blizzard like.

I think our total snow since Christmas is over 30". Last year the total was around 5".