Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out In The Blizzard

I set out to walk to the post office.
Heavy boots? Check!
Insulated snow pants? Check!
Gore-tex parka? Check!
Neoprene balaclava? Check!
Goggles? Check!
Silk glove-liners? Check!
Thinsulate mittens? Check!

It was quite a slog, but there isn't going to be any mail pick-up today and what with Valentine's Day on Sunday, well, what's a feller to do?

Made it to the post office after about half an hour. It was closed. Yeah, so much for that "neither snow nor sleet" nonsense...

But I got my letter in the drop-box inside the outer lobby.

This (I think) is my car. See the antenna? that's a roof-mounted antenna.

It's about 20-degrees with wind gusts 20-40 mph.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Don't die.

Joanna said...

"See the antenna? that's a roof-mounted antenna."


Roberta X said...


Drang said...

Come on, now, the Won says it doesn't snow in the DC area!

WV: opaphon. Musical instrument invented by Sheriff Taylor's son.