Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tripp Research Magazine

This afternoon I fired 100 rds of Remington 230-gr ball through the little Kimber CDP using the Kimber mag and a new 7-shot mag from Tripp Research. Except for the finish, the mags are nearly identical:

Check out the "skirt" on the followers that prevents the follower from tilting forward or shifting forward:

Same patent number, too:

These mags are not identical; in the photo above, notice the different openings in the top of the tube: the Tripp is rounded and the Kimber is squared off.

The other mags that I tried last week, from Wilson Combat and Chip McCormick, do not have a "skirted" follower, and consequently on the last round the follower can tilt forward or shift forward (or tilt AND shift forward) and contact the frame. In an aluminum-framed gun, this can cause scratching. Is this a scratch? I don't know. The next two pictures were taken before the range session:

Here's an ECU:

The area of concern is the tiny triangle (about 2-mm on each side). It is found on the inside of the magazine well.

This last picture was taken after the session; I can't see any change in the little triangle:

Both magazines worked well today. There was a single failure to extract, on round #2 with the Tripp mag, and after that the gun ran perfectly, alternating the Tripp and Kimber mags every seven shots. After this I fired 50 rds of Remington 230-gr JHP, again without a single failure.

The NRA range was packed again today, a 45-minute wait.

I have more magazines on the way, from Wilson, Baer, Novak, Mec-Gar and Springfield.


drjim said...

I never cared much for the Kimber magazines that came with my pistols. They just seemed "cheap" to me. I've been using Wilson 47D's, and much prefer them since they have a base pad, and just seem made better. I never had any FTF's with the Kimber OEM mags, I just didn't like them.

Albert A Rasch said...

Well, it seems that the stovepiping issue is resolved.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Albert A Rasch
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Tam said...

This is why 47D's are so popular in alloy-framed guns. Or ramped barrels, whichever.

(Also, with a ramped barrel in an all'y frame, you can give the feedramp a bit of a polish, which is ofcourse a no-go on the anodized aluminum ramp.)

Turk Turon said...

Yeah, I received a 47D,OX from Wilson a couple of days ago and it's built like a tank. I also got a Pro-Mag 6-rd which looks promising: it has a plastic follower and a little pinkie rest baseplate and retails for under $20

Tam said...

It has been my experience that ProMags are most useful for keeping patio furniture from wobbling, but I'm all cynical like that.