Thursday, February 12, 2009

UMd. Coeds Defeat Men In Rifle Match (1925)

The campus yesterday was a dismal place so far as men were concerned. Vainly they tried to show resignation, or smile or treat the whole affair as an accident. It was hard to realize and acknowledge that girls had beaten them.

from Shorpy via Say Uncle.

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Rivrdog said...

I was on the Mizzou Rifle Team (and ROTC Rifle Team also) '61 thru '63.

In '62 we traveled to Manhattan, KS for the Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot, a Big 8 tradition in those days.

KU, KS, UMo, Nebraska and Alaska competed.

All the teams were men only except AK, which was mixed. They beat everyone, and we had to listen to them sing "Bringing in the Sheaves" (their fight song, apparently) about a dozen times. to this day, I can't stand the melody.