Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who Are The World's Worst Drivers?

From a comments string on a web story about the Spanish Armada:

Speaking as a Brit I am always humbled at my nation’s level of mastery of naval tactics, from the early 'near supersonic' artillery mentioned in this article, to the modern... "Just ram the fuckers with a submarine" approach that we employ today... *wipes tear*
- by D-Cypell

I blame the French for driving on the wrong side.
- by _Shad0w

How rude of the French to attempt to steal the title of worst drivers from my fellow Chinese.
- by adamchou

Ever seen the traffic in India, pal?
- by zbharucha

I am currently living and working in India..... and I approve this message.
- by D-Cypell

Apparently none of you have ever been to Massachusetts ...
- by tgd

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Rustmeister said...

Never been to India or China, but I have been to South Korea - and Greece.

Take Korean drivers and give them a bad attitude and a hangover, you have Greek drivers.

I once had a police car blow his horn at me because I stopped for a stop sign.