Monday, January 5, 2009


Very cool history, but you don't really want to drink that stuff, do you?

Try some Drambuie instead.

From the NYT.


Rob K said...

But it's good! Admittedly, (I've never had true absinthe, only the substitutes like Pernod.) Much as I'd like to like Drambuie, I just don't find it to be the dram that satisfies.

Anonymous said...

Absinthe makes the Fart go "Honda"!

Bob said...

The problem with absinthe is that the most heavily advertised brands (from the Czech Republic, mostly) taste like radiator fluid. Avoid all absinthe from the Czech Republic and you might do OK. Visit a good absinthe website like the Wormwood Society to be steered in the right direction when it comes to buying absinthe.

And never, ever, light absinthe on fire.