Saturday, January 3, 2009

Indy Blogmeet Report

I didn't return home until yesterday, Friday, after a delightful week in Indianapolis.

On the previous Friday afternoon I boarded my plane in D.C. and settled in, but half an hour later the flight was canceled: very dense fog in Indy.

So I returned to the airport bright and early the next morning. This flight was uneventful and landed at Indy's huge new airport right on time. By that time the bowling pin shoot at the Marion County Fish and Game Club was over, and I had missed it. Turns out, though, that Roberta X, Tam, Brigid and Ahab had missed it, too. So I didn't feel so bad; it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without mah Hoosier Homepersons.

Sunday was shooting at Popguns; I was anxious to try the new 22-lb recoil spring in my 10mm Witness. It failed to load about 75% of the Double-Tap rounds (power factor: 225). Looked to me like the breech was slamming shut before the round was in position. Too-powerful a recoil spring? Maybe. It does take the strength of a stevedore to rack the slide. I replaced the slide, barrel and magazines with 38-Super and continued; 38-Super worked faultlessly. While there we scored an (increasingly-rare) lower receiver parts kit for an AR-15.

Then to the Indy Blogmeet. In attendance were Brigid, Roberta X, Shermlock Shomes and Shermlock, Jr., Carteach, Og, Old Grouch, Red (and Mrs. Red). Missing were Ahab, Breda, Mike, RobD and, of course, Tam of Broad Ripple.

Monday a friend and I went gunstore crawling. We saw a beautiful little 1934 Beretta .380 in the display case. My friend, although from out-of-state, carried a C&R license. Bada-bing, bada-boom and the Beretta had a new owner. Two original magazines! Then carry-out from Yats. Yum!

New Years Eve it was my privilege to enjoy an evening with the loveliest, most erudite woman in the world; sort of a combination of Elle McPherson and Dorothy Parker. I brought flowers and chocolate. We dined, then toasted the New Year with champagne. I introduced her to the joys of Drambuie, the liqueur from the Isle of Skye.

On Friday it was time to return to Turonistan. Ah, well.

I have such marvelous memories of a magical week in Indianapolis.


Carteach said...


Home on the Range said...

I'm glad you came to visit, and that your evening turned out so well.

The chocolates. . any woman of taste would have been floored by those.

Glad she liked them.

Roberta X said...

"Floored." In re chocolates: Understatement. Vaaast understatement.

Further, deponent sayeth not. And blushes.