Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again.

That's one of the most famous opening lines in fiction, along with:
"In the beginning ..."
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."
"Call me Ishmael."

This is Alfred Hitchcock's movie of Daphne DuMaurier's novel Rebecca. Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine play the leads, along with a fantastic group of character actors: Nigel Bruce, Judith Anderson, George Sanders and Leo G. Carroll.

The title character, Rebecca, never appears in the movie and in fact she's dead when the movie begins. Her mysterious death drives the plot from beginning to end. It's not a typical Hitchcock movie, either. It's also unusual in that Joan Fontaine's character doesn't have a name; she's called "The Second Mrs. DeWynter" and addressed as "my dear" or "madame". We never hear her first name.

Anyway, it's a classic and an excellent way to spend a cold Sunday evening.


Carteach said...

My friend, I can think of a far better way to spend a chill Winter's evening. But... time, duty, and distance intervene.

Tonight, Chinese green tea and a Tom Clancy novel. Such a life.

Turk Turon said...

Yeah, I hear you, bro'!

Time, duty and distance.