Friday, January 16, 2009

Kimber Ultra CDP II

This is what's at the top of my wish-list today.
45-ACP, 7+1, aluminum frame and stainless steel slide.
About $1100.


Crucis said...

I won a Kimber. Kimber makes nice pistols. But, I'm looking for a nice lightweight Colt Commander. One made during the 50's-60's with decent bluing, maybe a little holster wear.

JPG posted a pick of his a few months ago. Well worn and a solid carry weapon. I like older, well proven weapons. Nothing against the new, just like older better.

Anonymous said...

I actually just purchased this gun yesterday. Put about 100 rounds thru it so far. Awesome gun worth every last penny! Very light weight, low kick and dead accurate at 10 - 25 yards. My groupings were all within 4" of each other. Which is great for me. Highly recommend to anybody looking for a daily carry.

Anonymous said...

Purchased in January 2009. Several failures to feed early on, probably due to very tight tolerances from factory. After 300 rounds and a good cleaning and lubing have had no further problems. Eats everything I put through it.

It's wicked awesome accurate and a delight to shoot and carry.